Olive Japan 2019 Silver Medal
Monocultivar 2018 Gold Medal
Zeytindostu Assoc. 2018 Premium Award

Motherland of olive, Anatolia…

We think that the importance given to olive oil in terms of quality and quality will add a quantity to our brand. However, due to our respect for Anatolia, our regional land and the olive tree, which is described as an immortal tree, we aim to ensure that the products we obtain have the right place worldwide.

Carefully cared for the garden of the icon of olive trees, carefully collected grains one by one by hand, without waiting in the modern facilities by tightening our olives in the high health component, the analysis of the Aydin Trade Exchange, we have learned that we have 774 Polyphenol olive oil showed that we bottle.

We left behind all other brands from Turkey in Monicultivara by 9.2 points in 2018. And also in Zeytindostu Association Competiton we have won the premier award given to only six companies in Turkey. Health for your body, flavour for your palate ..